Luxury tourism

Arunca Tours offers its clients a wide range of tourism and passenger transport solutions.
We not only bet on quality and comfort but also on innovation, which allows us to always offer the best!
Travel with us and really discover what a luxury trip is!


The constant renewal of our fleet is one of our key points to ensure maximum quality to our passengers!


Our coaches guarantee you a journey full of comfort and quality.


Discover Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe in our company.


Go where you have never been before and learn the traditions and customs of the European peoples.

Fall in love

From Lisbon to Paris passing through Madrid, you will have an experience that you will love.


A comfortable trip is what we provide to our passengers, whatever the coach!

What moves us are the persons!

We pride ourselves on quality and we have luxury coaches, with emergency toilets, benches with belts of 2 and 3 points in natural leather, air conditioning with climate control, among others.
Our drivers specialize in National / International Tourism and in C.T.C. (Collective Transportation of Children).

We have not only our own programs, but we also arrange trips with foreign companies.
We have our own large tourism vehicles with seats of 7, 16, 49, 51, 55 and 59 seats, and in partnership of 4 (big luxury) and 69. All regulated according to the rules provided by Law.


We always guarantee a service with the best professionals to drive and with the best vehicles to travel!

The wonders of Europe

From north to south of Europe, the trips with Arunca will always be unforgettable, you will visit beautiful places that will amaze you.
Whether in Portugal, Spain or elsewhere on the European continent, you will discover simply wonderful sites and monuments!


To always offer the best to our passengers we always have to bet on the best!

Internet on board

All our coaches are equipped with the SpotiWI ( system allowing our passengers to enjoy free Internet in Portugal and Spain.
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Discover Iberia

Travel through iberian peninsula and discover the most fantastic and dazzling places you did not even know that existed!

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